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by mario
Tue Nov 16, 2010 4:06 am
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Topic: A plug for Karen's books.
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Re: A plug for Karen's books.

Hi John, I can only second your comment about Karen's Books. I've ordered from them for several years now. Since I live in Germany, it takes extra effort to send the books over. They always arrive on time, in bomb-proof packaging and in excellent shape. Karen's has become one of my favourite booksho...
by mario
Thu Jul 08, 2010 4:52 am
Forum: Mystery Photographs
Topic: Photograph Identification Needed
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Re: Photograph Identification Needed

This sounds plausible. Looking at the substantial trackwork I'd say that this is the 36" gauge Coronado RR, re-gauged from the earlier 20" line.


by mario
Thu Jun 10, 2010 8:54 am
Forum: Western Narrow Gauge Discussion
Topic: Sonoma Magnesite Co. RR
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Re: Sonoma Magnesite Co. RR

If you go to the USGS Photographic Library website and choose "Photographers", then select "Stone R. W.", you will find on pages 7 and 8 eight photograps of the Sonoma Magnesite. You can download them in several sizes, the biggest one at several Megabyte...
by mario
Wed Sep 02, 2009 1:51 am
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Topic: New Member
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New Member

Hello, My name is Mario and I live near Stuttgart in Southern Germany. You folks almost caused me to have a heart attack when I saw the reference to your website on TOCng. I've recovered, but still am in a state of excitement. After several D&RGW-heavy decades there's finally a website which deals w...