Metallic Tape Roof

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Metallic Tape Roof

Post by dsp&p_fan » Wed Jul 21, 2010 7:55 pm

I just ran across an idea for passenger car roofing in a 2005 RMC article by Boone. Reading over it, I see his solution for roofing is pretty slick. He used metallic tape with the joints simulated by scribing. I had considered doing the same with 0.005" or thinner brass, but felt it would be too much effort. Still, seeing his results and the additional ease in it being self adhesive, I'd like to try it.

As for my kits in development, I have been inexplicably slowed down in the process. I still need to prepare a few misc details: end steps, brake levers, and doors. If I could get my toddler to cooperate during the day, I ought to be able to get the patterns completed in a single day and the molds ready before the weekend. The cars will look beautiful and have a high fidelity to the prototype (no commercial detail parts which are based on D&RGW parts, all are from scratch and specific to the prototype). The Carter and Shop built cars will both be available at the same time.


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Re: Metallic Tape Roof

Post by CraigH » Fri Jul 23, 2010 11:33 am


I did just that several years ago in 1:20.3 and something similar in On3.

For the 1:20.3 I used aluminum duct joint tape cut to shape and overlapped at the seams. Tried scribing first but kept messing up on the cross seams.
Olema 4-1-04 015.jpg
Olema in 1:20.3 WIP. Cab Roofing. Craig Hoefer
That tape is unforgiving! If accidentally creased during application, the creasing will NOT burnish out and looks horrible. The adhesive is brutally strong and highly tacky. Make a mistake on application and it's wrecked. So, perfect alignment and zero air bubbles. You will probably destroy a plastic or resin roof if you peel it off. Also, unless primed, paint finishes scratch off easily.

Benefit...the best tern metal roof ever.

Unfortunately the cars went through a fire but I was able to salvage the brass bodies. It took a full day to remove that tape from the two roofs. That was a process of soaking them in a bucket of Acetone to soften any exposed adhesive, scrape at the tape edges, peel what I could, repeat endlessly.

I've also used the technique on On3 Locomotive roofs but with high tack transparent/frosted tapes and it works very well.

Dale Varney tried it on his kits. An example would be his On3 passenger cars now available via Wiseman: ... /10002.jpg
Wiseman Kit stock image.
It's fair to good (the metal roofing). It probably could have used a burnishing of the seams to flatten them out for the proper effect. As they stand they look like welding beading.

Another avenue that really needs exploration is 3D decals.

Hope this helps.

Craig H
Craig Hoefer

HDS Decals and other amusing projects co-conspirator

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