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Magazine cases

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Magazine cases

Postby Solomani » Sun Feb 09, 2014 10:26 pm

I built a CNC router about a year ago and have been spending what idle time I can find learning how to use it and the programs needed to make it run. I am finally starting to get some work out that I can actually be happy with. Eventually I will be using this to do modeling work but so far I have been doing mostly larger pieces with it and leaving the tiny stuff for later. Somewhat railroad related are the magazine cases I have been making for my collection of Narrow Gauge and Short line Gazette's.

These are constructed of 3/16ths Birch plywood for the sides and a stick of inlaid Poplar for the spine. I have been inlaying the spines with either Mahogany or Rainbow Poplar. The Mahogany is from crates that contained two generators that came up from Honduras and wound up at the mine at Cortez, Nevada where my dad was an electrician. While he was wiring them up he recognized the wood and rescued it, had it planed and stored it. Other than a couple of picture frames he never did much with it and he gave it to me. But not before it had been baked by the Nevada heat for 40 years though. It is pretty dry and so I gave up on it for the inlay on these small letters as between the grain and the size there is just too much splintering and the results were hit and miss. Now I am just using the Rainbow Poplar which gives a nice contrast. The one in the photo is inlaid with the dark rainbow Poplar.

I still have projects in mind for the Mahogany however...

Best regards,
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Re: Magazine cases

Postby Andrew Brandon » Mon Feb 10, 2014 10:26 pm


That came out beautifully! How many have you made so far?
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Re: Magazine cases

Postby Solomani » Thu Feb 13, 2014 8:39 am

Thanks Andrew,

I have made 15 so far. I also have 14 of the red cardboard boxes that are stamped with the gazette emblem in gold. They are where I got the idea as I was looking to get some more of them and they just seemed too expensive to purchase. These wood ones are not cheaper when I think about the time and materials but they do serve the purpose of helping me learn how to use my machine.

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