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Pacific Rim Narrow gauge- Canada?

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2012 9:17 pm
by Ed Weldon
Does anybody besides me want to add a category for British Columbia to this section of I'll admit that few pay any attention to BC narrow gauge. I got into it when I spent a couple of months combing the internet for information on Anyox. I found quite a bit. Maybe enough for a book if the ideas I have for modeling it in one of the small gauges were expanded and made part of the content.
Alas, I have too few years and too many projects to ever do something as ambitious as a book. But I would like to share what I've come up with if others are interested and perhaps collect more from sources I haven't found.
Anyox was a part of Granby Consolidated, a significant Canadian mining company in the early 20th century. Granby had other operations in BC and I think in the US. Some of the 3 foot gauge steam locomotives at Anyox came from other Granby operations to backfill operation requirements behind the Baldwin electrics that were the main ore haulers on the 6 mile rail operation. When Anyox declined some of the unique steel ore cars found their way to the WP&Y.
Another narrow gauge operation that sent ore by barge to the smelter at Anyox was the Dolly Varden mine about whose narrow gauge operation an excellent book was done about 25 years ago. (Steel Rails and Silver Dreams) This particular BC operation lends itself nicely to modeling and was done very well by an Aussie effort in ON30.
If the new section on our site that I'm suggesting isn't in the offing is there a section appropriate for opening a discourse on Anyox and other Granby mining operations that ran narrow gauge RR operations?
Ed Weldon Los Gatos, CA

Re: Pacific Rim Narrow gauge- Canada?

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 5:12 pm
by Brian Norden

We touched upon covering Canadian railroads in a posting thread from July, 2011 and the answer is Yes. Since Andrew has yet to get around to adding a separate category, I would suggest that you just post your messages or inquiries under the appropriate "Prototype Discussion" or "Modeling" category.

From the earlier thread:
Is there an intent to include Canadian narrow gauge west of the Rockies on this site?

Fred W

There most certainly is. I have a few images to put in the image gallery in fact! Our goal has long been to cover not just the U.S.
Busy schedules have a habit of making it difficult to devote as much time to the site as I'd like.
I'll see about getting it on the site soon, it wont make this coming update in a day or two but will be on the next.
Andrew Brandon - PacificNG Webmaster
I guess Andrew got too busy and forgot to add a category.

For that matter Mexico is often considered to be North America. But we've been posting Mexican items under "Central America." Same thing for South American railroads -- they have been posted under "Central American."

P.S. By the way, since we cannot tab to indent the first line of a paragraph, I would suggest that you place a blank line between paragraphs. This just makes messages easy to read.

Re: Pacific Rim Narrow gauge- Canada?

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:35 pm
by Andrew Brandon

I've got a few more tabs to add in the future for Canada and Mexico. In the meantime there will be a slight site layout revision coming in the future that will make that easier to do.