A Swedish NG Mallet in Gmax

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A Swedish NG Mallet in Gmax

Post by bjornl » Wed Sep 19, 2012 2:27 am


This is Björn from Sweden, a relatively new member who was asking about Baldwin paint styles a while back.

I thought that I would show something of a newly finished digital project of mine. The Swedish Atlas Inc. built 3 foot Mallets for the DONJ railroad.
The biggest and boldest Mallet there ever was in Sweden (thou no bigger than a Baldwin NG logging mallet).

I build for the Trainz simulator and I use Gmax with the Trainz asset creation studio game pack.

The pros are that the tools are free and relatively easy to learn and there are lots for tutorials around.
The export process into trainz for the finished model/mesh is also catered for in an easy way.

Cons, there are many. It is an old an unsupported package and it cannot handle things like bump mapping and rendering.

Most people in the trainz community tend to use Blender or possibly Autodesk's 3ds Max but I never felt comfortable
with Blender and 3ds Max is so expensive it so I went for the easy way.

But since my way of working with textures is to use photorealistic textures anyway I don’t really have use for
bump mapping or spectral lighting.

When building for a game like trainz modeling and texturing the mesh is only half of the project.

For the model to work in the game there is quite a lot of scripting for behavior and animation of bogies
and valve gears as well as the CAB controls for driving the loco in CAB mode. And a lot of testing and tweaking of cause.

The three DONJ Mallets where built in 1910 by Atlas for the DONJ railroad and served up until ap. 1960.
Fortunately only one of them is scrapped and the No 8 and 12 still remain on the JTJ preservation
railroad (http://www.jtj.org) which is what remains of DONJ.

The project is finished now and the Swedish DONJ Mallets are available for Trainz on DLS.
Just for the fun of it and so that I could model an US style ¾ size coupler I made a slightly US adjusted version.

It may masquerade as a Baldwin logging Mallet but in reality a great many things are very unprototypical.
However I have spent 6 months building the thing and I won’t change the main mashes all over again.
So it’s just sticker tuning as we would say in Sweden.

The original

Early in the build

The end result

Having finished this project I can now turn to the Baldwin 0-6-0 tank loco I have started to build.
Here the challenges are different. Mainly the lack of research and photo objects in Europe,
so I hope I can ask you guys some questions from time to time.

Cheers / Björn

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Re: A Swedish NG Mallet in Gmax

Post by Solomani » Wed Sep 19, 2012 8:50 pm

Nicely done. Trainz has gotten better and better largely due to folks like yourself that have put the effort in to expand the available content. It is both fun and daunting to create an entire railroad in 1:1 scale!


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Re: A Swedish NG Mallet in Gmax

Post by Andrew Brandon » Sat Sep 22, 2012 12:14 pm

Beautiful work! I'll have to download this later today and take it for a trip on my Colusa and Lake route. :D
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