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UPRR Early Side Door Cabooses

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2016 6:39 pm
by Andrew Brandon
Part 2 in my on-going "Union Pacific Early Equipment Nagstravaganza" in an attempt to convince Curtis to modify his rolling stock in Trainz into slightly more accurate representations.
Also known as:

Doesn't this look sorta familiar? :mrgreen:
Union Pacific Side Door Caboose on Weber Canyon Bridge. A. J. Russell Photographer.
These early UP cars are very similar to the Kimball built cabooses on the Virginia & Truckee. With slight alteration of the existing model the entire early fleet could be done.
From the photos I've been able to look through, the first batch of cabooses match the #10 above. I suspect #1 - 10 on the Utah Division match the design shown above.

The second batch has wooden step boxes and a small ventilator for what I assume is the salon.
Thanks to some information Randy dug up, these cars were apparently a deep boxcar red, close to a chocolate color. Additional photographs show light colored trucks and platforms, which were likely an ochre or maybe straw yellow.
Lettering on the cars could be white or yellow.

The added bonus of course is that you could also make this classic:

More UPRR Early Side Door Cabooses

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2016 6:48 pm
by Andrew Brandon
UP operated different fleets for the Utah and Laramie Divisions.
Laramie Division Caboose #1 in Laramie, 1868.
Here it is with some company in Laramie, WY.
In a photo of the Laramie shops taken by A. J. Russell, the end of one of these cars can be clearly seen.
Detail from A. J. Russell photograph.