Reefer hunting

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Randy Hees
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Reefer hunting

Post by Randy Hees » Tue Aug 19, 2014 11:39 am

Andrew and I are planning an October trip into the desert... part camping near Ft Churchill, but also including a search for the fabled body of a C&C Reefer... said to be at a mine site somewhere east of Walker Lake... We have a treasure map and descrption of where it was previously found at the end of a very bad dirt road...

We may find time to go looking for other rumored carbodies in the area... We have heard rumors of a second near Mina... up in the hills near a mine... not a good description... We are willing to look for others, or for specific details if wanted...

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Andrew Brandon
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Re: Reefer hunting

Post by Andrew Brandon » Wed Aug 20, 2014 8:10 pm

The "fastest" route on the map will take us across the Rawhide Western grade. I did not visit the southern section on my trip that way a few years ago.

Herman mentioned the other half of Reefer #433 went to another mine in the area (apparently), and he confirmed that the second boxcar "at a mine near Mina" is NOT the same car, but another V&T built C&C boxcar. This story came from Dick Datin who did not share many details with Herman. I've scoured the area in Google Earth and other image sources. Mindat lists a few mines that might be worth investigating, but its pretty much a needle in a haystack at this point. I've located maybe 10 possible locations to check.

If nothing else, SP box #135 (ex SPC #176) is in Mina. I saw it back in December, but I did not have good enough light to shoot an image for the gallery. We could also get another look at that car body on the south side of town.
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Brian Norden
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Re: Reefer hunting

Post by Brian Norden » Wed Aug 20, 2014 10:24 pm

The late Dale Darney had slides of the C&C reefer car body. But, I cannot recall where he said it was. It was on a hillside in an relatively open area. More of a ventilator car than a reefer. Vents high on the end of the car.
Brian Norden

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