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Hobart Estates at Kyburz Flat

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Hobart Estates at Kyburz Flat

Postby Andrew Brandon » Mon Aug 25, 2014 8:16 am

On Saturday, Liza and I took a trip up into SNW&L/Hobart Estates country. We had no real destination in mind and our first stop was Hobart Mills, but since little remains we did not stop for long. On a future trip I will try to identify the locations of various structures and post some then/now photos.

From Hobart we wound north until we reached Stampede reservoir, and decided to venture out to Sardine Valley at the north edge of the reservoir. Not having thought this plan through ahead of time, we did not make it out to the flat car remains in Sardine valley. Instead we followed Henness Pass road back towards Highway 89 which wound through several beautiful meadows. We crossed the Verdi Lumber Co. grade at Lemon Canyon Rd and wound down to Kyburz Flat. Just as soon as Henness Pass road enters the valley we found the remains of a Hobart Estates trestle right alongside the road. Sadly I did not bring anything to measure the remains with, but I will take a trip up to get measurements in a few weeks.


Accessing the remains is much simpler from Hwy 89 than from the route we took. You simply travel North up Highway 89 from Truckee (approx 17 miles) until you see the Henness Pass/Kyburz Flat signs, take a right and follow the road out past the campground and across Kyburz Flat itself. The trestle site is located on the far eastern side of Kyburz Flat, approximately longitude: 39.507597°latitude: -120.226637°
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