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Colombian n.g. Steam

Colombian n.g. Steam

Postby John Coker » Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:53 pm

Hey I checked this out on youtube. Punch up "Colombian Railroads".There are several long clips of steam tourist trains running out of Bogota, and they are from last year! It features one of their Baldwin or Porter 4-8-2s,. Some of thewm are tourist stuff, people riding in the coaches bult by Bmbardier in the late 60s. One is pacing the train, another is of diesel freight operations. A short shot shows all kinds of steam in storage. Another shows the cab backhead. All three-foot gauge. The trains look full, and the crwd was young, looking like they were having fun. Somebody went a little nuts painting trim on the locomotive, but hey, still contemporary steam!
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