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Ferrocarril de Aduana de Guayaquil Equador

Posted: Sat Jul 02, 2016 10:15 am
by Randy Hees
AdeG Equador.jpg
Kurt Hibbert collection, also Smithsonian, and UC Riverside
This started with this photo of one of their Porters posted to the Facebook page... eventually this will be railroad page here... This report follows our format, first a title, then basic data (although in this case the data is in the first paragraph... in some cases its in a seperate box), then a narrative, in this case I have identified two photos, one held in no less than three collections, one in two... when a photo is on line we frequently link to it rather than host it... so I have listed all the sources, including rights in one case (it had a creative commons license)... I like to list equipment, and have here, but if this gets complicated we post rosters as a PDF with a link... We need sources listed for our histories... this is the significant difference between a history and just a story... Kirt Hibbert had posted a history of the line, which I tracked back to a US Government publication from the 1920's... That along with Allen Morrison tramway web site (see sources, below) were the most significant sources... Porter builders records confirmed the track gauge... We would welcome more short write ups, and will aid in their creation...

Ferrocarril de Aduana de Guayaquil
“Customs House Railway”
Port transport, Guayaquil, Ecuador

3 mile long, 48” gauge, steam powered freight railway along the waterfront (the Guayas River), parallel to the (horse powered, passenger) tramway, to the plaza Colon. Operation began April 1888.

Import and export duties provided most of Equator’s national budget. Guayaquil was the country’s most important port. All goods, both imported and exported had to pass through the Customs House. This railroad, under the control of the Inspector of Customs connected the docks along the river with the Customs House near Plaza Calon.

Much of Guayaquil burned in 1896 including the Customs House. The City was rebuilt, including a new Customs House (by 1898) Both identified photographs were published after the fire, strongly suggesting the railroad survived.

They had two locomotives, built by H K Porter, in 1887, and about 40 small 4 wheel flatcars.


No 1, H. K. Porter, c/n 822 3/1887 0-4-0 (saddle tank, plus tender) 48" gauge 7x12
F. G. Pierra & Co #1 letter Advana de Guyaquil, Guayaquil

No 2, H. K. Porter, c/n 902 12/1887 0-4-0 (saddle tank plus tender) 48" gauge 7x12
F. G. Pierra & Co for F. C; Advana de Guyaquil, Equator


"Custom House Railway
The Custom House Railway at Guayaquil operates approximately 3 miles of 42 inch- gauge track (see note below) . The road has two locomotives of 12 tons and 40 small (4 wheel) flatcars. Inquiries in reference to prospective sales to the road should be addressed to the Inspector of Customs, Guayaquil."
Note: Porter Records for the locomotive orders show the track gauge was 48”

From: William Rodney Long and George S Brady, Railways of South America, United States Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, United States Government Printing Office, 1926, (vol 2)
found at Hathi Trust, from FB post by Kurt Hibbert,

Allen Morrison, The Tramways of Guayaquil Ecuador on line as part of his extensive web site, Electric Transportation in Latin America past & present, Homepage of Allen Morrison web site;

Porter information from Steam Locomotives Builder’s Lists Collection DVD data disk, published by Taplines,

Known Photos (2)

¾ view of locomotive No 2 with train along waterfront. This image was published as a stereo card, under Underwood and Underwood and under Keystone View Company (see top of page)

Found in three locations with a reference to it found in a fourth
1) Collection of Kurt Hibbert (posted to Pacificng FB page) Photo was printed from a glass view negative. It only had a single view. Original in his possession.
2) Keystone-Mast Collection (Keystone View Company) at UC Riverside, California Museum of Photography , titled, How imported goods are carried from Custom House - railway along street in Guayaquil, Ecuador found at
3) This image is also owned by Smithsonian found at ... &repo=DPLA
4) The image is listed in a 1905 Boston Public Schools list of images

Broad side view of locomotive No 2crossing tramway tracks, from a post card titled Ferrocarril de Aduana Guayaquil believed to publised between 1901 & 1905
Found in two locations
1) Allen Morrison collection, from Tramways of South America website
2) CARLOS TEIXIDOR CADENAS collection, On Wikipedia Commons, under a Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication, at ... yaquil.jpg

Re: Ferrocarril de Aduana de Guayaquil Equador

Posted: Sat Jul 02, 2016 10:23 am
by Randy Hees
Second image, from a post card
CARLOS TEIXIDOR CADENAS collection, On Wikipedia Commons, under a Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication, also in Alan Morrison's collection

Re: Ferrocarril de Aduana de Guayaquil Equador

Posted: Sat Jul 02, 2016 10:42 am
by Randy Hees
Porter Order Sheets for their locomotives
Ferrocarril de Aduana de Guayaquil Porter order sheets.jpg
Porter Order sheets from Taplines locomotive data CD