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Rio Grande 24' flats

Known as the "Silver Queen of the shortlines", The Virginia & Truckee Railroad operated their own narrow gauge subsidiary: the Carson and Colorado. Additionally the railroad and its officers would be an influence to many narrow gauge and shortline railroads throughout Nevada and California.

Rio Grande 24' flats

Postby Randy Hees » Sat Dec 25, 2010 8:22 pm

As I ramp up to building cars 9 & 10 I wanted to get a pair of flat cars off the work bench... I painted the trucks (one pair red, one pair black, both cars red) I had installed N-B-W on the sills, but not the stake pockets... the are now installed... Eric's kits continue to amaze me... well thought out... good parts... good fit... accurate...

I made up a pattern for a bolster twin washer plate... the flats had a simpler version (than other cars, just a plate, with a raised boss for the nuts to ride on... ), and Eric burns the mark into the side sills but doesn't provide a casting. I made up a couple on a flat piece of heavy styrene to be cast in rubber, and from there make more... I will report progress.


If this works out I plan on making a similar part with a frame around it as found on 9 & 10...
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