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New member - from Sweden

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New member - from Sweden

Postby lenelg » Wed Sep 09, 2009 6:36 am

Hi all,
My name is Lennart Elg, located near Stockholm, Sweden. I am a couple of years short of retirement, and work for a government agency, funding technical R&D.

My railroad interest focuses on western logging, and as I started out modeling in On30 (back in the dark ages before Bachmann), I developed a perverse interest in 30" gauge prototypes - see my post under "Western Narrow Gauge Discussion".

Other hobbies include digital photo editing (handy when you want to bring out details in old faded photos!) and genealogy. I soon discovered that a large share of my family emigrated to the US around 1890, so I started searching for the "lost tribes" of my family. This has turned up a number of railroad and logging connections: One of my living relatives is an expert on Minnesota logging railroads. Many of the emigrants were blacksmiths who lost their jobs as ironmaking was restructured by new technology - they found new jobs in railroad shops as the US rail network expanded, and ended up in rail hubs like Laramie or Omaha. One relative shows up in the 1912 Federal census as a guest of the Skagit County Jail - no doubt a logger in trouble..
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