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Finally logged in.

Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 7:32 am
by John Coker
I am John Coker, railroad artist and former railroader on the C&TS, BNSF and D&S. I have modeled the D&RGW/RGS in Sn3 for years. Being a native of California, I have become interested again in the n.g lines of the Far West. I finished a couple of SP ng cars, and close to finishing a kitbashed Sp tank car. I also finished a Pacific Coast Ry. #105 from a Railmaster kit, of which I am quite proud. I recently acquired three NCNG models in On3. Because of the tiny rooms in my 1890 ranch house, I am looking at a freelance Sn3 mine-to-mill model railroad with geared locomotives and ore cars , based loosely on the Pioche Pacific in SE Nevada and similar roads in Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California. I will read instuctions and try to photograph my models and post them here. I know a thing or two about Far West n.g. roads (also a huge Virginia & Truckee fan), but am happy to be in the company of some excellent historians that will also be posting here..

One last thing... anyone know where an On3 NCNG #8 can be purchased??

Re: Finally logged in.

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2009 9:26 am
by Andrew Brandon

It is good to have you as a member of the forum. We've got some big updates on the way including the start of information relating to the Carson and Colorado.

I have not seen a brass NCNG #8 in quite some time, if I spot one I'll let you know.