My Introduction

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My Introduction

Post by Solomani » Fri Oct 02, 2009 4:53 pm

Hi everyone,

I stumbled upon this board while researching a CAD project I am doing on Carter Brothers 15 Ton trucks in Alibre Design. I just got back today from a little trip my wife and I took to Washoe Valley on the V&T right-of-Way to photograph and measure a couple of the old bridges before they disappear. I sat down to continue my research and voila, I find this excellent bulletin board.

About me: I enjoy researching western railroads of the late 19th century. Like many I have been interested in trains for as long as I remember. Living in northern Nevada, and having a prospector for a father, encouraged an interest in Nevada Mining and Railroad history. I got to go around as a very young boy, to many of the old mine sites in this state and see the decayed glory of those mines and what was left of the railroads that served them. I remember being told I had to wait a week to check out David Myrick's books on Nevada railroads so that "someone else could look at them."

I currently work as a software test engineer as my civilian job and for the Air National Guard. Between those two jobs and family there is not too much time for modeling but I have put a 1:20.3 loop in the back yard. Still, I can squeeze in some research and modeling as I am spectacularly lucky in that my wife and my two girls all like trains. I even met my wife at a narrow gauge convention as she was one of the vendors at one of the Portland conventions.

Other than the Carter Brothers truck I have been researching the wooden ore cars the V&T had. They narrow gauged them and sent them to the Candelaria branch of the Carson and Colorado. I have collected a few high resolution copies of photographs of these cars and after drawing them in Sketchup 7 , I think I have figured out the tip mechanism. Next I need to make some F scale models and see how they work in real 3D.

I see some like minded individuals on this site and so instead of my usual "lurker" status on most bulletin boards I have signed up! Thank you for putting this site up on the net.

Looking forward to many interesting discussions with all of you on this board,

-John Duffy

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