The Rules - Please Read.

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The Rules - Please Read.

Post by pcngadmin » Thu Aug 27, 2009 12:19 pm

Da Rules!

We'll try to keep the rules both simple and as few as possible.

1) NO Spam and NO Trolling. Spam and trolling threads will be locked or removed from the Forum. The administrators will allow for an appeal if the poster feels an error has been made.

2) Advertising Policy
• No random advertising without checking with the administrators of the site!

• Advertising personal items for sale is OK if:
It's relevant to the site and not supporting a business.
It is OK to plug a really cool product IF you are a customer.
It is OK to advertise events, work sessions, clubs, museums, and generally related items of interest.

• IF you are a business or represent a business you MUST get permission from the site administrators. Expect a nominal advertising fee to be used to support if advertising is to become habitual. IF you are really interested in display space, we will be happy to work with you! We absolutely want both this site and your business to grow.

3) Language and Behavior Rules
• Really foul language, nasty behavior, slander, harrasment, and flaming will not be tollerated.
• If it's contextual, humor based and relevant the administrators can let it slide on a case by case basis.
• Just remember that there are others out there that may be young or very sensitive.
• We also understand that there are some people out there with socialization and people skills issues. Think before you write! Walk away and think again before posting if angered.
• Try to refute the message, not just flame the messenger. Smart, likable people can have some pretty dumb or abrasive ideas occasionally. On that note, we all have "pasts" so please, try to look beyond the indiviual.
• All members of the forum should grow a thick skin. We are adults in general (we hope)!
• If you accidentally post mis-information, you are welcome to correct it. We just ask you make a note below of why the post was changed. Be an adult, and admit you were wrong or made an honest error.
• The administrators really don't want to babysit the site. We have lives, kids, and jobs.
Posters are ENTIRELY responsible for the content of their posts and will not reflect the policies of the Forum or If the posted material is an infringement of somebody else's copyright, don't come looking at the board or it's owners for monetary remuneration. We (PacificNG and the administrators) are just a 'facilitators'.
• Have fun

4) If you have issues or just want to contact the Administrators:

• Use the triangular button with the "!" in it. Found on the upper right quadrant of the posting.
• Send a Private Message to one of the Moderators, you can do this by clicking the Members tab near the top of the page, click on the moderators name and click on the Private Message button.