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Post by CraigH » Fri Oct 16, 2009 1:14 pm

The awful section we really don't want to deal with; but important stuff.

Da Mapping Rules:
1) Use Common Sense, Fairness, and all the Golden Rules!

2) Credit everyone that's helped out on your map!

3) All Maps created for this site are jointly the creative and intelectual property of all participants of said MAP, including the fictitious entity known as Unless and untill it's warrented, these are to be freely distributed on They are to be considered Freeware! We haven't dug into it but that may be a REQUIREMENT dictated by GOOGLE. They can also afford better lawyers than we can.

4) Don't use any of the Maps for outside publication without permissions from or the Map's creator(s), ESPECIALLY if it is for profitable or personal gain. In cases where the Map creator cannot be contacted or there were multiple contributors, reserves the right and responsibility to control outside distribution so long as it is to the benefit to all participants fairly. This is to reduce the headache of aquiring large numbers of permissions.

5) Quality Control:
a) Site ALL data Sources, urls, etc.
b) reserves the sole right to editorial controls prior to publication. This is for consistancy and standards. We want to help you create the best product and most accurate Map possible with the available information.

6) Submit updates to work completed frequently! Accidents do happen to files, this way we can have a back-up to your work in progress and save you a nightmare. We also encourage the sharing of files if multiple people are working on a given road.

7) Posting of completed KMZ/KML Map Files will be done by to the Google Community! We will want to advertise the site on Google Earth and Google Maps. This will allow us to create links to appropriate pages on the site and maintain consistancy, credits, etc. to everyone's mutual benefit.

8) Conflicts will be handled openly and transparently. New rules will be added if required.

We are open to additional suggestions, changes, and comments.

Thanks! Have fun Mapping.
Craig Hoefer and Andrew Brandon
Craig Hoefer

HDS Decals and other amusing projects co-conspirator

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