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V&T Jon
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Post by V&T Jon » Wed Aug 20, 2014 2:18 pm

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jon, I'm originally from southern California, I'm currently living in Utah, and my favorite road is the V&T (as you can probably tell from my username). Even though she is a standard gauge road, I'm also big fan of her related narrow gauge lines like the Carson & Colorado and the Eureka Mill line. My interest in these lines stems from a family connection to the area: my mother was born and raised in Sparks and every year as a child I would get to spend Christmas and a part of summer in there visiting my grandparents. I took my first hand car and turntable ride as a 3-year-old at NSRM and my love of railroads (particularly these northwestern Nevada roads) has never worn off since. I also recently discovered that Franktown, that little stop in Washoe Valley, was named after a great...great grandfather of mine who happened to be the first child born in the new settlement: Franklin Richard Bentley.

Recently I've also become interested in the narrow gauges that ran through and around Pioche. My grandfather was born and raised there and he recently revealed that he worked for a time as a gandydancer, maintaining the 8 or so miles of track on the line that ran from the Pioche Mines mill out and around to the Caselton mine on the other side of Treasure Hill.

Western railroading has always fascinated me (particularly narrow gauge and short lines) and I look forward to broadening my knowledge by participating here.

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Andrew Brandon
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Post by Andrew Brandon » Thu Aug 21, 2014 5:01 pm


Welcome aboard!

You'll find yourself among like company here, most of us are V&T fans. The role of the V&T and the Comstock Lode is an important piece of the puzzle when studying railroads in Northern Nevada. Several of us are involved with the V&T Historical Society (, if you’re not a member it is well worth the price of membership. The newsletters are packed with V&T history, drawings and photographs. We have tried to have some sort of display at the annual V&T conference in Carson City. For the C&C, many of us are members of the SPNGHS ( which holds a convention each year (in May). The SPNGHS has an excellent publication as well, though I may be biased as I am a member of the board of directors… ;)

We are a little behind schedule in getting the Pioche roads listed on the site, but it is on the horizon. I was down in Las Vegas back in December but I did not get a chance to explore that area. I have a couple images of equipment from the PP (on display, sadly not in operation) that I’ll get uploaded to the gallery this weekend. If you’d like to assist us with getting the PP on the site send me a PM and I can get you all of what you’d need to know for that. That said, I would be interested to hear the stories your Grandfather has to share about his gandy dancer days. If you haven't done so, I would suggest documenting or recording his stories. With the ease of recording audio or video these days, it is well worth it to simply record him reminiscing about his time there.
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