Mono County narrow gauge question

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Randy Hees
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Mono County narrow gauge question

Post by Randy Hees » Sun May 26, 2013 10:54 am

I found a 1909 article (below) discussing a possible Mono County branch of the Tonopah and Goldfield. The article says the Mining Co owns a narrow gauge in Mono as well as lumber holdings...

Any ideas what line they are talking about?

Presence of Many Railroad Men in Goldfleld Causes Speculation as to Mission
GOLDFIELD, Nev., Oct. 29. —Talk lof the extension of the Tonoah (sic) & Goldfield railroad over Into Mono county, California, has been revived by the presence here of President Austin and C. A. Daniels of the Tonopah Mining company and M. B. Cutler of the Tonopah & Goldfield road, who, with C. E. Knox, president of the Montana Tonopah Mining company, have returned from a trip over that country. The Tonopah Mining company owns a big timber tract in that section, and also a short narrow-gauge railroad. Aside from the timber, which could be used to advantage In the company's mines, the road would reach the old Bodie district and other mining camps. The Tonopah & Goldfield railroad is owned by the same group of capitalists who direct the destinies of the Tonopah mine. A number of railroad men have been in Goldfleld for the past three days, ineluding C. O. Whittmore, chief coun- j sel; F. M. Grace, general superintendent; E. W. Gillett, general passenger agent, and W. F. Burnett, all of the I Las Vegas &Tonopah; W. H. Alberger, general traffic manager of the I Tonoah & Tidewater, and the Tonopah I & Goldfleld men mentioned, and there are intimations that Important business of some sort has called these men to Goldfleld at this time. None of the officials, however, will admit that anything outside of routine business is engaging their attention.

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Brian Norden
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Re: Mono County narrow gauge question

Post by Brian Norden » Sun May 26, 2013 11:25 pm

It seems to me that the narrow gauge line would be the Mono Mills operation (aka Bodie and Benton),

This was OLD news to anyone in Mina.

The Western Nevada Miner, published at Mina, Nevada, in its April 2, 1909, issue carried this article:

R. W. Cattermole, who has charge of the engineering party that is engaged in surveying the proposed railroad from Tonopah Junction to Mono Lake, arrived yesterday and will spend several days here in conference with the local Tonopah and Goldfield officials.
The surveying party has reached a point fifty-two miles from Tonopah Junction and is now within about twelve miles of the lake. Of late progress has been exceedingly slow on account of the heavy snow, but should the work continue at the rate of progress attained during the last week or so, the remaining twelve miles of the survey should be completed inside of a week or ten days.
Mr. Cattermole was for many years connected with eastern rail ways and has had a large amount of experience in conducting surveys for similar projects.
Then in the April 16, 1909, this article was carried:

Chas. Knox, president of the proposed Mono Lake Railway came in today from Bodie where he has been looking after extensive lumber interests, and continued on to Tonopah. While here Mr. Knox stated to our representative that the Benton survey from Coaldale had been completed, and that while a good grade had been obtained, he was not exactly satisfied with it, and that another survey would be made over the original survey up Mina canyon to F.D. Qualey copper properties in Excelsior Mountains and through Whiskey Flat to Warm Springs on Mono Lake. Mr. Knox seems to favor this latter route as it would extend the present line, while the former survey left a thirty mile "stub" from Coaldale to Mina. The people of Mina have offered to give the company free, all the ground necessary for trackage, terminals and right of way to the mouth of the canyon two and a half miles west of town. The other survey will be made at once with a view of getting to work on construction as soon as possible. Mr Knox predicts a great revival of mining and business in Northern Esmeralda and Mono counties the coming year. Extensive improvements and a larger plant of machine[r]y will be added to the Mono saw mills and the force will be largely increased. Work is to begin at an early date.
Then Western Nevada Miner in its July 31, 1909, had a front page article/editorial that the T&G should relocate its recently burned shops in Tonopah to Mina. Within the article it says among other advantages that "Besides this the shops would almost be a necessity upon the completion of the surveyed line between Mina and Mono Lake, in which the company is said to be heavily interested."
Brian Norden

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Re: Mono County narrow gauge question

Post by GregMaxwell » Mon May 27, 2013 7:33 am


The T&G's proposed Sodaville-Bodie line is well covered in " Mining Camp Days", by Emil Billeb.

Greg Maxwell

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