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A bit more on Mohave & Milltown

North American Narrow Gauge; West of the Rockies (including Canada; Mexico).

A bit more on Mohave & Milltown

Postby Randy Hees » Mon Jan 05, 2015 3:28 pm

We now have a M&M page up, and there is a locomotive roster to be added...

But research continues, and I have found a couple of references to what seem to be the last months of the lines operation... It had been insolvent for two years, but continued to operate... It was something of an orphan, with nominal ownership in Philadelphia... Sometime in mid 1906 or early 1907 the local courts refused to fund any repairs or operations... and a couple of employees took matters into their own hands...

From the San Francisco Chronicle, July 10, 1907, referencing an article from July 9th in San Bernardino ...

The railroad extends from the Arizona side of the Colorado river opposite Needles to the Leland mines in the San Francisco Mining district, a distance of eighteen miles. For many months it has been operated by the conductor and engineer of its only train, who failing to receive their salaries, seized the railroad, and have been acting as president, traffic manager and general advertizing agent, collecting fares and freight charges, purchasing fuel, paying off indebtedness and assuming control of every department.

A second article published in the San Bernardino County Sun on the 10th is similar but adds... ... and they had about placed the road upon its feet when a receiver was appointed by the Arizona courts.

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