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Nome - Artic

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Nome - Artic

Postby Jeff Livingston » Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:44 am

I've been working with two Hawaii locomotive rosters prepared from builder's records and other sources by Allen Copeland and Robert Lehmuth and a Hawaii Plymouth locomotive roster by John Goldie trying to track down both the Navy and Army locomotives in Hawaii. I'm currently concentrating on Army locomotives. With regard to Plymouth locomotives the three lists generally agree but there are specific and significant differences. I am seeking information on three Plymouth ML6 20-ton gas mechanical locomotives, one, two or all of which may have been ordered for or sent to the Army for use on the Nome - Artic Railway or Railroad ca. 1942 before being sent or diverted to Hawaii. Plymouth construction numbers 4470, 4471 and 4472. Army numbers 7650, 7651 and 7652. We have located only one photograph of 7650 in Hawaii at Kapalama Basin courtesy of Fort Eustis. Were any of these locomotives used in Alaska? Did any stay there? I have found the Army's records to be sparse, scattered and confused likely due to the split responsibilities for railroad construction and equipment between the Quartermaster Corps, Corps of Army Engineers and Ordnance.

Jeff Livingston
Jeff Livingston
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Re: Nome - Artic

Postby saveitforparts » Fri Dec 18, 2015 2:58 pm

I have heard that Plymouth 4470 and 4471 were tried at Nome during WWII but were too heavy for the old worn-out track. The army instead used something like jeeps with flanged wheels. The info I have (per John Taubeneck) says 4470 went to Hawaii and 4471 apparently passed through Hawaii and ended up in Skagway where it burned during a roundhouse fire and was scrapped.
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