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Want Something Exotic?

Post by Jeff Livingston » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:25 pm

Dan Peterson of San Juan Decals is offering decal sets for the Oahu Railway and Land Co. in On3. The sets will be available in many hobby shops and through the Hawaiian Railway Society gift shop. We're hopeful that this will help raise awareness of Hawaiian Railroads. Dan's announcement follows.


We are pleased to announce the release of our latest additions to the San Juan
Decals line of decals. We now have On3 Oahu Railway & Land sets in On3.

Jeff Livingston and Robert Paoa of the Hawaiian Railway Society
(www.hawaiianrailway.com) were instrumental in providing the resources needed to
make these decal sets as accurate as possible. We were given access to resources
not available to the general public for our research purposes and without them
these sets would not be as special as they are. Jim Chiddix and Michael York
also deserve recognition for their contributions, Mr. Chiddix for his wonderful
book on the history of the OR&L, Next Stop Honolulu, and Mr. York for providing
the artwork for the passenger car letter board lettering.

SJD-801 On3 OR&L Passenger Car Decal Set $8.95

Each set will letter two cars. These sets will only do coach cars. Plans are in
the works to offer lettering for some of the other less numerous cars.

We have two freight car sets. One in white, pre -1920, the other in yellow,
post-1920. Each set has the unique logos seen on the OR&L box cars, the first in
white seen in a 1906 photo, and the yellow logo seen on box cars in the 1930's.
The white set also includes the modern lettering seen on the black painted steel
frame flats. The yellow set also includes the black "10 TON LOAD LIMIT" seen on
the 10 ton box cars with painted yellow doors in the 1940's. Both sets will
letter one box car as well as several other freight cars like the flats and

SJD-802 On3 OR&L White Freight Car Decal Set $8.95
SJD-803 On3 OR&L Yellow Freight Car Decal Set $9.95

There are also plans to offer some of the other freight car lettering like the
tank cars and CAN CARs etc..

We also have a steam locomotive set. Each set will letter 2 standard steam
locomotives in the post-1916 lettering scheme of OAHU RAILWAY lettering on the
tenders along with stripes for the tender and cab number box. The sets also
include numbers for the domes and head/tail lights. Each set will also letter
one shay which used smaller OAHU RAILWAY lettering. Further, some locomotives
were not numbered using the OR&L "block" numbers and instead used the OR&L
"stylized" roman numbers. Number sets for these locomotives is also included.

SJD-804 On3 OR&L Steam Locomotive Decal Set $8.95


Be sure to check the attached links at the above webpage to see examples of this

Each of the above sets also includes detailed instructions.

Best regards,

Dan Peterson
San Juan Decals
860 Oriole Drive
Apple Valley, MN 55124

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