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Roof Lamp for SPC Caboose #47

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Roof Lamp for SPC Caboose #47

Postby r3feetr » Mon Dec 02, 2013 1:44 pm

I am currently working on an HOn3 version of SPC Caboose #47 for 3D printing. I am modeling the year 1886, pre SP, so I am attempting to model original details of the car. There are a couple of photos of 47 taken in the early 1900s that clearly show a roof light. Photos of 47 taken in the 1880's are not as clear.

Below is an enlarged image of 47, or one of its equals, that I have in my collection. (This is the complete photo].) If you look just above the roof towards the front of the car there seems to be a roof light in addition to the stove stack. It's too high to be a hopper stack. It does not seem to be in the same location as the later roof lights nor does it look like the same light. Does anyone have any information about this roof light? What it looks like? Where it was located? Speculation is welcome.

John Hall

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