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Calico & Daggett Porters

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2015 11:46 am
by Randy Hees
While working on write-ups on the various Daggett railroads for the site I found a surprise... the "known" names of the two locomotives do not match Porter records.

the common published sources (Myrick, and the NMRA Porter book) say that the 0-4-0t, c/n 937 was named Emil, while the 0-6-0t, c/n 962 was named Sanger. Instead, the porter records say that No 1, the 0-4-0t was "Uncle Dan" and that No 2 the 0-6-0t was Emil... for my write ups I have used the names as listed on the Porter specification sheets. I note that the Bob Leemuth list agrees with the Porter specification sheets but adds that the 0-6-0t was originally to be named Daniel. The specification sheet does not include a reference to Daniel.

No 1 Uncle Dan, Porter 937 7x12 0-4-0t 36” gauge 6/1888 class b-s delivered to Daggett CA
To American Borax Co #1 (1901) Daggett CA, To Sterling Borax #1 1908 Lang CA, likely scrapped at Lang.
Emil was leased to American Borax before being sold to that company, and may have been rented to the Borate & Daggett during construction.

No 2 Emil Porter 962 8x14 0-6-0t 36” gauge 8/1888 class c-s delivered to Daggett CA
To Mohave and Milltown, c.1903. A photo shows this locomotive in use on the Borate & Daggett during construction of that railroad.