SPCRR Car Barn Construction

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SPCRR Car Barn Construction

Post by CraigH » Sat Sep 25, 2010 8:06 am

After a prolonged delay, thanks to internal Regional Parks and city bureaucratic nonsense, the SPCRR has finally been granted permission to build a new Car Barn!

The structure was desperately needed to secure and house the collection. Keeping these old cars outside in the elements creates a constant nightmare on upkeep, dry rot, paint degradation.....

Last January permission was granted to start the construction and abruptly pulled pending re-review at both city and parks levels. This happened just after grading, digging of the foundation, and the partial installation of re-bar. The hole sat until a week or so ago.

Faced with a rash of new requirements and conditions the Museum trudged forward, met the new challenge and was finally issued the permits about a week ago! Work immediately began on dressing the foundation, installing the final re-bar, pouring concrete, and installing the structural framing.
Image: K. Underhill (I believe).
Image: K.Underhill (?)
Image: K.Underhill(?)
Image K.Underhill (?)

NOTE: I probably have some of the image credit wrong...some may be the work of Andrew Cary's wife...apologies!

A General overview of the planned Car Barn (named in honor of Trudy Frank, the long time S.P.C.R.R. Treasurer and all around wonderful woman).
The Barn and attached storage yard constitutes Phase 1 of the long term project. See also the S.P.C.R.R. Web site at http://www.spcrr.org/ and click on the Current Activities section.

Plugging for 2010 Donations and thinking ahead to Tax Time, the Group can definitely use DONATIONS to further the project along. They are an IRS 501(c3) non-profit if you need the tax benefit for your own filings!

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Re: SPCRR Car Barn Construction

Post by Loco112 » Wed Jan 04, 2012 1:09 am

How is the Car Barn developing?

I like the part-slab design of the barn.
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Randy Hees
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Re: SPCRR Car Barn Construction

Post by Randy Hees » Fri Jan 13, 2012 4:07 pm

The building is up, and sealed, all doors windows in...

The fire sprinkler system is in.

We have run water to the building and connected it to the fire system

We still need to add electricity, a fire alarm and upgrade the fire road before we get a certificate of occupancy... Of course we need some track and at least two switches (likely 3 way stubs)

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