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National Locomotive Works, Additional Materials.

From Google Books:

Biographical Information:
A collection of Family Records, with biographical sketches and other memoranda of various families and individuals bearing the name Dawson, or allied families of that name.
Compiled by Charles C. Dawson. 1874
"George Fielding Dawson" Link to Section:

Locomotive Building In The United States by Fred H Colvin.
From: Railway and Locomotive Engineering
A Practical Journal of Railway Motive Power and Rolling Stock. Vol 15, 1902. Pg 143
"The National Locomotive Works at Connellsville, Pa., were run by Dawson & Bailey in 1870. They were started for the purpose of building narrow-gage locomotives, a "mania" just getting hold of the railway world at the that time"

Lumber Statistics and Logging Railroads of the Northwest.
Twelfth Annual Review of the Lumber and Shingle Product of the Northwest.
By the Northwestern Lumberman, covering the year 1884.
W. B. Judson. Publisher. 1885

"Shell Lake Lumber Company-Shell Lake. Crescent Springs Railway. (Wisconsin)

Location-Washburn county, dumping into Shell Lake: Length 10 1/4 miles. Construction-Built in 1882 and 1884 ; 36-in. gauge 35-lb. T rail: Heaviest grade. 145 feet: length of heaviest grade, 1,500 feet; average weight of load hauled up this grade. 60 tons ; sharepest curve. 22(degree). Equipment- Two locomotives, Baldwin Locomotive Works and Dawson & Bailey,: 16 and 23 tons ; 51 cars, by Russel Wheel & Foundry Co and Shell Lake Lumber Co. Capacity-20,000,000 feet per year; length of haul, 6 miles; rate of speed, 15 miles ; average load. 1,800 feet per car."

Centennial history of the borough of Connellsville, Pennsylvania, 1806-1906
By John Carter McClenathan
Printing Date: 1906.

Note: View of suspension bridge on page 401 shows Locomotive Works In Background.

Page 486; NATIONAL LOCOMOTIVE WORKS For a time this business prospered and gave employ ment to upwards of one hundred men. The establishment was sold to Bailey & Dawson and by them to William H Bailey. The enterprise appeared to thrive-employment was given to two hundred men and the shop was kept running night and day. Confidence was almost unlimited. Prosperity was evidenced on every hand and the activity in general business ran high. Suddenly it developed that the enterprise bordered on failure-when the crash came it developed that the loss entailed was about $400,000.00.

New Haven especially had leaned upon this industry and in consequence was well nigh paralyzed, for a time, by the failure. Thousands of dollars were owed to store keepers, employees, mechanics and others-the calamity was wide spread and the community was long in recovering from its dire effects.

The buildings were razed some years ago, the old office only remaining, at the left as you approach the bridge, and occupied as a fruit and candy store. The works occupied a strip of ground fifty by two hundred and forty feet-fronting on Ferry or Main street and extending down the river to Trader's alley.

In the tower of the old building was a bell which served as a curfew for the children of the 70's. It was not so called, but at nine o'clock every night the factory bell rang, the stores closed, lights went out and most of the younger generation made for home, as it was a common admonition on the part of parents, "You must not stay later than the ringing of the factory bell."

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Monthly Journal. Vol 7. May, 1873. No. 5.

Page 223; Vote Of Thanks.
Sandusky Division, No. 130, B. of L. E., wish to return thanks to the following Locomotive Works, and their kindness in forwarding to us upon application, photographs of their manufacture of engines. The Brooks, Grant, Manchester, Wm. Mason, Rogers, Rhode Island, Schenectady, Taunton, Portland and the Dawson & Bailey Light Locomotive Works.
Resolved, That we feel greatly obliged to the above firms for their liberality, and that copies of the Journal be forwarded to the above firms, contaning these resolutions.
C.G. Knight

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