11th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention, Melbourne 2013

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11th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention, Melbourne 2013

Post by Rckwallaby » Mon Jun 18, 2012 10:16 pm

G'day all Narrow Gauge Modeller's,
Announcing the 11th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention, to be held in
Melbourne, from March 29th-31st, 2013 (Easter long weekend). Once again
to be hosted at Carwatha College (Noble Park North, in Melbourne's South
East), expect a weekend of quality model and layout displays, modelling
competitions, clinics and workshops, and a variety of traders with the
latest hobby needs.

Early planning is underway for this event, with a number of new layouts
being prepared for show, as well as a broad spectrum of clinic and
workshop topics under development. Invitations for Expressions Of
Interest in presenting a clinic will be issued as soon as the website is

As usual, there will also be a competition section for the convention.
Official competition rules will be posted shortly when the Convention
website is ready to go online, with categories for Structures, Dioramas,
Locomotives (steam & diesel/other), and Rolling Stock (freight &
passenger/non-revenue stock).

As has been the case at past Australian Narrow Gauge Conventions, we are
introducing a different "special category" to the 2013 modelling
competition. This is designed as a category to perhaps challenge your
normal modelling practices, and experiment with some different ways of

A common problem that so many modellers experience, is the lack of space
around home for their hobby, but would like somewhere to display some of
their pride and joys of their modelling efforts or collections. The kind
of piece that deserves a place on display on the mantle, so why not make
one? So, "The Mantle Piece Challenge" is to create a mantle
display/diorama, as a stage for your favourite locomotive, rolling
stock, figures, vehicles etc. It's a fairly broad range, but we all have
out different favourites that we feel are worthy of making it to the
mantle. The finished subject choice should reflect on your own
interests, with the restrictions being fairly simple:

Maximum depth of 10 inches (25 cm) - a common depth for a standard
mantle shelf,
Maximum length of 36 inches (90 cm)- a bit shorter than a common mantle,
but still leaves room for the family photo alongside, plus it fits in
the car a bit easier,
Backdrop – permitted, providing it still falls within the depth
restrictions, so includes either a painted or printed back scene,
building flats, mirror…backing finish is up to you,
No restriction on height – we will leave that rule to be decided by
you and "the other half",
Can be operating – provided it fits the above dimensions.

It's not too many restrictions, but more of an encouragement to build a
piece to help bring your favourite parts of your hobby out of the cave,
and into light of day. A few suggestions might be a section of track on
a scenic base for that favourite locomotive, a short yard section for
displaying favourite rolling stock, a part of a street scape for a
collection of vehicles or figures, a bridge across a gorge, A cutting
across sheer rock face (for the RGS fans), or it may just be an
enjoyable length of scenery, just to mention a few ideas.

Further details will be announced shortly, including registration
information, full competition guidelines and clinic topics. So start
your plans for attending the 11th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention,
Melbourne 2013. Early bookings for travel and accommodation are
suggested, due to the holiday period, to avoid disappointment.

On behalf of the organising committee, we look forward to seeing you all
again soon, and making it another memorable Australian Narrow Gauge



<mail to:

on behalf of the 11th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention Committee

Phil Morrow

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