NSW whistle drawings

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NSW whistle drawings

Post by Loco112 » Sun May 18, 2014 10:49 pm

NSW short bell 5-chime, Nathan short bell copy.

Very similar to all the short bell 5-chime Nathan step tops.

The typical 5-chime, or even 6-chime, step top locomotive whistle design has a 6" annular steam outlet blowing into a 6.5" OD brass or C.I. bell (with all 1/8" wall thickness), so it has a 6.25" inside dia. That puts the steam stream just inside the inside edge of the bell when blowing (until its presure waves cycle outside to inside like whistle dynamics show they do).

There is a story about how the NSW was supposed to have copied the Natan short bell that they were using to come up with this NSW short bell. (a few years later, the NZR used the NSW whistle as the prototype for thier improved design, and they imrproved it again). The NZR Ry 5-chime went up in size to a 7" bell. I have not yet found out what the diameter of the steam outlet ring is at. That NZR drawing is not available.

Attached here is the NSW whistle drawing.
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