Keeping Score (Spammers)

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Keeping Score (Spammers)

Post by Andrew Brandon » Sun Nov 24, 2013 2:04 pm

If you saw the recent blog post I mentioned an increase in spam this week. It appears the bots are hitting our forums much harder than previously. To put this in context: There have been 500 fake registrations to the forum in the past week. To get that far a bot needs to answer a railroad related security question, then activate the account after receiving an email. Most accounts were not getting past the activation stage, but a handful did and even got far enough to post spam on the forum.

This is happening thanks to a pair of massive security breaches elsewhere on the web coupled with the usual seasonal spam increases. This trend seems to be affecting to a large number of forums across the web and I am still investigating a couple new security features to help.

In the meantime, account activation will remain locked, requiring moderator approval.
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