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Q&A for creating Google Maps! PacificNG from it's inception has wanted to create a unique means of exploring the Narrow Gauge ROWs. Here is where we can all help out.
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Welcome to Google Mapping

Post by CraigH » Mon Nov 02, 2009 12:08 pm

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What we hope to be a significant feature of the site, Mapping ROWs for Google Earth!

What's amazing about creating maps of old ROWs in Google Earth is that we can display long-gone ROWs in a Geographical context like no other media. Within Google Earth we can show a ROW as it relates to modern civic development, relate it to the geography, and sources of historic revinue generation in a way that no book can remotely attempt to achieve. We can also get an overview of the whole physical plant (road's structure(s)) in one view.

We can do it in 3D! It's actually a simple process to get started on. One can layer in all sorts of data and build a simple GIS product in the end. A GIS (Geographic Information System) is basically a map with an inteligent and expandable database built in.

In our case we take several elements to build up the map.
1) We have surviving physical evidence visible on the ground.
2) We overlay historical maps on top of the Google Earth base display imagery.
3) We can add additional data sets, structual blueprints, historical information, 3D Buildings, basically whatever info one wants to include!
We will be developing a set of standards in which to build these maps. They will be available to anyone who wants to participate in this project. The standards will be adaptable to accomodate local geographic variables.

There's no better way to compile all those books you've been reading over the years and really see the road!

Craig Hoefer
Craig Hoefer

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