San Francisco's State Belt Loop RR

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San Francisco's State Belt Loop RR

Post by CraigH » Mon Nov 02, 2009 12:58 pm

Just completed is the Beta for San Francisco's State Belt Loop RR!

This Map is based on Sanborn Maps from 1899-1900. The Beta release is a stripped version, simple ROW linework and can be found at:
Sample_Belt_Loop_1.jpg ... /index.htm

The full-blown version with overlayed 3D buildings to put the ROW in a period Geographic context is still being built and is also a trial to help us help you with more sophisticated mapping routines.
Software being used includes:
1) Google Earth Basic (free)
2) Google's Sketch-Up (free version)

I also used AutoCAD 2004, only to avoid most of the learning curve in SKetch-UP. Sketch-UP is being used to convert the file to one readable by Google Earth, for texturing, and labeling buildings.

Craig Hoefer
Craig Hoefer

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