3751, Grand Canyon Limited redux

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John Coker
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3751, Grand Canyon Limited redux

Post by John Coker » Fri May 18, 2012 6:01 pm

Well, back from an action packed thee days in Arizona. I went down with Steve Stewart, owner of one of thee surviving Moffat Road cabooses. Steve lives in nearby Tiffany. We stopped for an excellent lunch at the legendary (Mary Coulter designed) La Posada Hotel and old Fred Harvey dining room facing the r.r.yard at Winslow. First night was in Prescott. We got hammered on martinis at Murphy's while eating excellent steaks. Next day we drove Through Skull Valley. Steve's grandfather was interred at their boot hill. in the village i bought some mesquite honey from an old man and saw the coolest general store -ever. It had that great old store musty smell, and even had the old duffers sitting in a circle BSing around the wood stove. to Salome, along the Arizona & California. Due to the usual snafus the train was 4 hours late to Congress, where I boarded the Grand Canyon Limited. The first shot is yours truly ,Uncle Bonehead in front of the Great Steed at Congress. Alas, most of the trip on the "Peavine" was after dark. However, the train was great (a very mixed consist, D&RGW, ATSF, CB&Q, Amtrak, SP,etc.) and so were the interesting riders. I found an open dutch door and took in the fragrant desert wind. Midnight in Willams, I found the hotel room. Steve got for us. I saw my dear old friends Marcus and Lee Brown from Arcata, ready to ride up to South Rim. We got this one great shot of the 3751-4960 doubleheaded with Bill Williams Mountain looming in the background, then met the train at Grand Canyon. Snapped this fine shot of these two legendary engines by the log depot taking water. Steve, Lee,Marcus and I had a fantastic lunch at the El Tovar dining room and then the long drive back to SW Colorado. Some ways it was a frustrating trip. I HATE my Canon Powershot SUX 10.What a poor performing camera! It was hard to get multiple shots and the result was disappointing. The delays sucked as well. Nevertheless, it was great to see this magnificent locomotive at work on old ATSF lines, and get back among the railfan fraternity, still a fascinating and increasingly diverse lot. :ugeek:
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