Seattle 2012

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John Coker
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Seattle 2012

Post by John Coker » Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:06 pm

Well, I make a modest living painting trains, and part of the biz is going to one to three shows a year. The National Narrow Gauge Convention is an important show I plan to attend for a few more years. Like I said about the last NGC in North Carolina, I have a new rule- no more driving more than two days to a show. Shows east of St. Louis are not profitable. For some reason people in the eastern US don't spend money at a NGC in their region. I have to make $500 for every day I am away from home. Northwest shows are o.k. but not great moneymakers. Colorado and Midwest shows are the most profitable. The best part is Seattle is a beautiful city. Also, the modelers in the area are some of the best in the nation. The show will have a number of great clinics on Far West railroading, including WSLCo. SV. Uintah, Hawaii ng, NCNG, as well as famous master modelers like Jim Vail and the remarkable Kelly Morse.

As i get older I dread the long, long drive, but enjoy parts of it. If I can I might try to take in the SV, now they run all the way into Sumpter.

You can check out the NGC website at

I will file a report after I get back.

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