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Randy Hees
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Next trip

Post by Randy Hees » Wed May 27, 2015 9:49 am

I am off in about 20 hours for a grand tour... first Hawthorne NV for the SPng conference... then south with a visit to Laws to look at their turntable... continuing south I will cross the Panamints to camp somewhere in Death Valley (nice and warm) then south through Shoshone to Daggett... to spend a day exploring the Calico and Daggett, Borate and Daggett, American Borax Railroad and Palm Borate...

The next day I will follow Rt 66 through Amboy, looking at the remains of the Leslie Salt works at Saltus and a gypsom railroad, both on Bristol Lake... then through Needles across the Colorado tracing the Mohave and Milltown... there is a BLM trail suitable for the Jeep... up to the mine site near Oatman... then on to Flagstaff to look at court records related to the M&M before heading east to Albuquerque to meet my wife for a week in Santa Fe and Taos...

Once she flies home I will camp at Chaco, then Cedar Mesa... crossing Lake Powell at Halls Crossing then west across central Nevada and home...

There may be railroads involved, most sadly long gone...

Randy Hees

Director, Nevada State Railroad Museum, Boulder City
Railway Preservation News
Chasing old trains where ever I may find them...

Brian Norden
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Re: Next trip

Post by Brian Norden » Tue Jun 02, 2015 10:11 pm

I -- and probably others -- will be await your future reports of this trip and your findings.
Brian Norden

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