Another Colorado engine in Peru

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Another Colorado engine in Peru

Post by Randy Hees » Mon Oct 03, 2016 7:50 am

In working on the history of the Trujillo Railroad in Peru, I encountered an unknown “almost” Colorado locomotive… The FC Salaverry Y Trujillo locomotive No 1, Batta a 0-6-0 Porter, c/n 179, 4/1874, had been originally ordered by the Colorado Central, as their No 6. Porter specifications note that for Peru, the locomotive was fitted with an 8 wheel tender instead of the “tank on boiler” as ordered for Colorado.

Its not clear why the locomotive was redirected. The order for Peru was a rush order, for the 0-6-0 and a 2-4-0 built for the Carro & St Louis, and either repossessed or diverted. Porter records note that the locomotives were to ship in 10 days…

Eventually, the Colorado Central would place an order for a second No 6, c/n 276, in June 1877, for delivery in November 1877… the second No 6 was ordered as a tender engine. It was followed by No 7, c/n 281 within days. Given the 2 ½ years between c/n 179 and c/n 276 I suspect that things changed in Colorado, and that they canceled the order.

The confusion is carried into the published books on the Colorado Central, with Poor identifying No 6 correctly as c/n 276, while Hauck in Colorado Annual 10 says No 6 was c/n 179 with an 1873 date. The more recent book by Sundance follows Poor’s information (and says so). None note that there were two No 6’s ordered…

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