The V&T Loco Decaling Place-Data Collection

Known as the "Silver Queen of the shortlines", The Virginia & Truckee Railroad operated their own narrow gauge subsidiary: the Carson and Colorado. Additionally the railroad and its officers would be an influence to many narrow gauge and shortline railroads throughout Nevada and California.
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The V&T Loco Decaling Place-Data Collection

Post by CraigH » Thu Mar 31, 2011 11:29 pm

This Forum thread is intended as a place to consolidate links, images, dates (and corrected dates on said images), and anything useful in defining how and when the V&T repainted locos. It's a place to define with as much accuracy as possible how each loco was painted at each point in it's life.

Please include links or sources for images and documents uploaded here!
We want to stay on great terms with archives and publishing companies.

It's a place to talk, fight, haggle and brawl over dates, colors, letter styles, and make contributions to consolidate anything known about the history of V&T locomotive paint.

I've been getting requests for V&T Loco Decals in several scales and several time periods. Probably the most vocal is for the earliest of locos in "as-delivered" striping...Baldwin Style 1 and earlier. Emphasis has been on the Pre-Style 1 paint.

Also, one fine gentleman who's really pushing for it has sent to me on loan both a Rivarossi 4-4-0 and one of the old brass tender drive United 4-4-0 models from which to test fit decal artwork.

Thanks for any info we can generate! Hopefully this can become the place where all the known info can be consolidated and then turned into the V&T Loco Paint Bible.
Craig Hoefer

HDS Decals and other amusing projects co-conspirator

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