Intro to Mapping

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Intro to Mapping

Post by CraigH » Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:38 pm

An intro to the Mapping Section
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One of the most interesting tools we now have available to us is the ability to map old ROWs via Google Earth. No special tools are needed as the basics are all contained within the freely downloadable software.

Here's the link to Google Earth:

What's extremely exciting is that this mapping format allows us to put the road in question into a spacial and geographic context like no media has ever done before. Unless one is familiar with the region, a book, image, or film just cannot relate how that road fit into the world and the landforms it traveled through. Google Earth also beautifully relates that road to rivers, timber, agriculture, cities, and the reason it was put there to begin with.

Also, this tool is a remarkable trip planning tool.
I come from a Mapping and Surveying background and Google Earth has really opened up horizons for the lay person. The tools are easy, the image quality for large portions of the country are pretty good. Not Survey grade, but good enough and getting better each year.

An example we have done is found in the Bodie & Benton Section over at the site: ... /index.htm

Go down the page to "Maps", click on the link. Up will pop up a Google Maps image of the ROW. You will also fine a better detailed Google Earth KMZ file you can download. Have some fun with it and check it out in 3D.
B&B Sample.jpg
We are using that basic B&B Map for the initial standards on text, lineweights, and symbols. We will be expanding on a set of standards on the fly and through experience.

More Later!

Craig Hoefer
Craig Hoefer

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