San Francisco's STATE BELT LOOP

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San Francisco's STATE BELT LOOP

Post by CraigH » Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:41 am


The beta version of the San Francisco State Belt Loop Google Earth .kmz File is ready for Hopefully by the end of the day we can have a section up for the road, possibly with some introductory text.

The beta version is a stripped down map with ROW, block, and waterfront linework. The work was entirely done in Google Earth. Andrew converted the Sanborn PDF's to JPEG format for importation to Google Earth.

GO TO: ... /index.htm

In the Future:
The Version 2 State Belt Map will have 3D representative structures to put everything into a visual Geographic context for the 1899-1900 Sanborn Mapping. all visible in Google Earth.

Programs needed to do this are Google Earth and Google Sketch-up.

I have also used AutoCAD 2004 to build the basic structures. This was done ONLY to speed the process up as I understand the software. In this case, Sketch-up was used for text, texturing, and conversion to a format readable by Google Earth.

Craig Hoefer
Craig Hoefer

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