Upcomming cars, On3

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Upcomming cars, On3

Post by dsp&p_fan » Sat Jan 02, 2010 9:54 pm

I'm only planning to offer cars which I want to build. Here are some directly relevant cars:

-As I've mentioned elsewhere, I am working on patterns for an Oahu Railway clerestory roofed coach. The window frames are separate from the sides/ends so that they can be painted yellow without any tedious masking.

If the OR&L coaches fly, I'll consider combines, head end cars, arched roof cars, # 64 and Pearl. I'd also like to do a couple OR&L freight cars. While I'll still build these on my own, I won't offer them commercial if the coaches don't fly (while casting makes sense for a string of coaches, it doesn't for a single combine unless other people want it too)

-Barney & Smith 40'6" passenger cars for the Carson & Colorado. This is an outgrowth of the sister cars I'm building for my future South Park layout...there are a few slight differences (belt rails, end windows, oval name plates, end doors). I'd like to have a C&C passenger train, and at least one NCNG coach.

-South Park business car #050 which went on to serve a few CAng roads. I've got a 90% completed #051, so this car should be a very smooth build.

In the future: M&SV boxcars, M&SV combines, and NPC Kimball coaches. I'll use the Carter plans in BoCNG for the M&SV cars; a mix of photos, information posted here, knowledge of standard practices, and possibly some field research to prepare the Kimball cars. I'll do the M&SV combine trucks in resin.

There are other things which will be off the beaten path...as well as my first love, most of the South Park's passenger car fleet. I will be avoiding the common D&RGW prototypes.


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