Product Announcements: General Notes.

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Product Announcements: General Notes.

Post by CraigH » Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:14 am

Manufacturers, publishers, and everybody in between:

This section of's Forum is your place to announce new products, services, and the like here. Be ready to accept customer comments and improve your product or service from them. GOOD Quality Images really help!

We will keep the rules to a minimum, we hope to never enforce rules or police this section. The Administrators reserve all rights to to do whatever they feel is required. This can inlude (but not limited to) "time-outs" for childish behavior, blacklisting, deletion of posts, or ask you to purchase advertising space on the site, etc.

Da Rules:
1) Use common sense. Don’t treat this area as a self-promotional free for all.
2) Products and services need to be reasonably relevant to the site. Big-Boys, Challengers, and escort services are examples of inappropriate announcements.
3) NO FLAMING! Personal grudges stay OFF site. We won’t generally consider reports of rotten business practices as flaming if you’ve tried to deal with the company off site first with no response. Again, use common sense, turn on your brain, write, read and think about what you wrote, then hit <ENTER>.
4) We DO want to hear reviews, we DO enjoy negative reviews, especially if it can help both the end user and company correct problems and make better products!
5) We really don’t like rules. Shirts and shoes are not mandatory for most people.
Craig Hoefer

HDS Decals and other amusing projects co-conspirator

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