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Nevada \ Battle Mountain & Lewis Railway

Battle Mountain & Lewis Railway.

D uring February 1880, shortly after the completion of the Nevada Central Railway prospectors found Gold in Lewis Canyon, Nevada. The canyon was about 10 miles east of the N.C. Line and 10.5 miles south of Battle Mountain. The Starr Grove Mining Company, holders of the claims proposed a 12 mile railroad to service the mines. The Battle Mountain & Lewis was to start at Lewis Junction, on the Nevada Central Line and extend to the Canyon. Grading began on January 28, 1881 with flat terrain and easy construction made it to Lewis by April 25. With the rail laid, service began on July 30, 1881. The first locomotive was rented from the Nevada Central with a second one purchased and in operation during the next month in August. During early 1882 additional track was laid up Lewis Canyon to better service the mines via switchback.

The line was never able to operate profitably due to insufficient mining success and traffic. By March 1882 action was brought against the road by the Nevada Central to recover locomotive rental charges and additional unpaid interchange fees. Additionally, the Nevada Central prohibited the continuation of Battle Mountain & Lewis traffic on the N.C. line to Battle Mountain. This was a crushing blow to the little road. The Starr Grove Mining Company went bankrupt, was sold off at a sheriff's sale. H.D. Gates of Lewis purchased the ROW. The Nevada Central periodically operated on the line to provide mine service during the years 1883 and 1885 but after that, nothing. The line was dead. Shortly after, another sheriff's sale and purchase of the ROW by Landers County and by 1890, the line was dismantled.

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Nevada \ Battle Mountain & Lewis Railway
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