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Locomotive Manufacturer Charts

Periodically on the various Yahoo Groups the topic of "What should the manufacturers produce?" comes up. Heated discussion and periodic flame wars then ensue regarding wheel arrangements and specific locomotives!

The following tables from American Narrow Gauge Railroads by George W. Hilton are of real interest, should be referenced for these discussions, and hopefully produce some rational insight for modelers and manufacturers interested in producing new products.

The charts include data on Narrow Gauge locomotive manufacturers from 1870-1947, wheel arrangements, and production numbers.

For a scholarly overview of the American Narrow Gauge movement Hilton's American Narrow Gauge Railroads is a critical resource.

Publication information:
American Narrow Gauge Railroads
George W. Hilton
Stanford University Press
ISBN 0-8047-1731-1 (cl.)
ISBN 0-8047-2369-9 (pbk.)

Locomotives for American 3'-0" Common Carrier Railroad, by Builder, 1870-90.

Locomotives for American 3'- 0" Common Carrier Railroads, by Builder, 1891-1947.

Wheel Arrangements of Known American 3'-0" Common Carrier Locomotives, by Builder, 1870-1947.
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