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Oregon \ Leland Lumber Company

Leland Lumber Company.

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Last Updated: June 1, 2017

The Leland Lumber Co. was incorporated in early 1920 by E. A. Murphy, C. C. Howard, and O. S. Blanchard.1 During May of that year, company purchased 15,000,000 board feet of timberland near Leland, Josephine County. A steam powered mill was constructed, capable of 25,000 feet of lumber per day. Water for steam generation was diverted from Brimstone Creek to the new mill pond.2

To serve the mill a mile and a half of 36” gauge railroad was constructed. In July 1921 the company was reportedly using a Fordson tractor converted to a, locomotive by the Bellingham Machine Works of Bellingham, WA. At this time the company was using 6 log cars, each capable of moving 4000 board feet of lumber. Two additional cars were added to the roster by 1924.

The mill closed indefinitely in 1926.3

Revised: May 31, 2017.
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Oregon \ Leland Lumber Company
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