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Site Updates.


Big Update.

A long overdue update is in the works for PacificNG. During the last year a few updates were posted, but an update notifications were not put here at the time.

Over the past 12 years PacificNG has been coded and updated manually. In the past this situation worked, the site was smaller and updates or articles were infrequent. A year ago the PacificNG staff began experimenting with new software. The experiment has been a success and the descision was made to convert the existing into MediaWiki. The site will continue to be managed by the same team and hosting arrangement. Editing and adding to the site will not be open to anonymous users so we can retain our curated environment. We've long refered to this site as a "Curated Wiki", this change will allow our contributors to expand and update the site more frequently.

There is no date for the change over, but we expect the transition to go smoothly. Existing links to pages will be adjusted server side. One important change regards the gallery and forum. The existing gallery software is outdated and slow. As part of the change over the gallery will be dissolved, the photographs will be integrated into the pages of the site directly. The forum will remain intact. Another change will be the addition of an integrated search, a long overdue feature for this site.