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American Borax Co. - Columbia Mine and Railroad.

E stablished 1900, constructed the Columbia Mine Railroad, from the mine to its plant in Daggett in 1901. The line ran from Daggett, across the Mojave River, then joined and used one mile of the tracks of the Waterloo Mining railroad north of the Mojave River, before diverging north eastward towards their mine.

When Waterloo Mining failed and abandoned and scrapped their line, American Borax purchased the shared trackage and one locomotive, which they had previously leased.

The mine was closed in 1907, and it is belived that the locomotive and other railroad material was sent to Sterling Borax for use at/on their mine and railroad in Tick Canyon (American Borax was a partner in Sterling)


Porter, 0-4-0t, c/n 937, June 1888 for Oro Grande Mining (Calico & Daggett Railroad), 12x7, leased to Columbia Mine Railroad, c. 1901, sold to American Borax, c. 1904, to Sterling Borax, Lang CA after end of operations in 1907.
Rolling Stock
Photos show 4 wheel ore cars likely leased/purchased from the Calico & Daggett Railroad.

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