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Narrow Gauge Railroads of Arizona.

Common Carrier Railroads.

Arizona & New Mexico Railway.
36" Gauge.

Lordsburg, NM to Clifton, AZ. 1883 - 1901(NG) to Present(SG).
Arizona Narrow Gauge Railroad.
36" Gauge. Proposed to connect Tuscon with the Denver & Rio Grande to the northeast and extend southwest to the Gulf of California. Beset with financial woes after incorporation, the line made little progress during construction. In 1887 the line suffered setbacks and attempted to rebuild as a standard gauge line, but never materialized.
Tuscon SP Depot to Magee Road Area, Pima County. 1883 - 1887.
Coronado Railroad.
20" Gauge.

Mohave & Milltown Railroad.
36" Gauge. Constructed to serve the Leland mine at Vivian (near Oatman, AZ) and down to the mill at Milltown to the west, then to a landing on Colorado River with a ferry connection to Needles, CA. The line was ravaged by floods in 1904 and languished without funding for repairs until ceased operation in 1906.
Needles to Vivian, San Bernadino and Mohave Counties. 1903 - 1906.
United, Verde & Pacific Railway.
36" Gauge. Financed by William A. Clark to connect his copper holdings with an existing branch of the Santa Fe Railway. A subterranean mine fire would prompt Clark to convert the underground mine into an open pit operation. In 1911 the smelter at Jerome was moved to Clarkdale and by 1919 the entire route was made obsolete by a standard gauge connection.
Jerome Junction to Jerome Smelter, Yavapai County 1894 - 1920.

Logging Railroads.

No Listings.

Industrial Railroads.

Copper Creek Railroad.
30" Gauge.
Copper Creek, Pinal County. 1912 - 1917
Helvetia Copper Company.
36" Gauge.
Santa Rita Mountains, Pima County. 1899 - 1911

Transit Lines.

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