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Nevada \ Cortez Mining Company

Cortez Mining Company.

Compiled by Randy Hees.

T he Cortez Mining Company operated a railroad connected their gold mine near Tenabo Nevada, 30 miles south of Battle Mountain. From 1889 the Garrison Mine and mill, known as the Tenabo Minning & Mill Co. was operated by the Bewick-Moreing group, an English syndicate, under the name of Cortez Mines, Ltd. The mines shut down and the locomotive was in storage by 1930. About 1940, the locomotive and at least one car were “acquired” by Robert Caudill, more commonly known as “Dobie Doc.” The locomotive was initially displayed at the Last Frontier Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas strip. At a later date it was moved to a different casino near Bolder Nevada. It is now privately owned by two gentlemen in California, who have rebuilt the locomotive to 3” gauge. It is occasionally operated at Ardenwood Farm in Fremont.

The railroad had between 6 and 12 gable bottom 4 wheel wooden ore cars and at least one 4 wheel flat car, which are believed to have come from a Denver area mining supplier, but purchased through Porter. One car is preserved un-restored with the locomotive. A 30’ gauge end dump ore car was also found in the Dobie Doc collection, and preserved with the locomotive. It not certain that this car was associated with the Cortez operation.

Revised: February 22, 2018.
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Collected Cortez Mining Company Photographs.
Images collected from private collections, libraries and historical societies.

Equipment Roster.

The railroad operated a single Porter locomotive.
Porter 0-4-0t c/n 1196, July 1890, 7x12
24” drivers 29 ¾” gauge, class B-S, 7 tons.


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Editor's Note: A history of mining in the Cortez District starts on page 97.

Nevada \ Cortez Mining Company
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