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W elcome to, dedicated to the history of narrow gauge railroading in western North America. Our goal is to create a central hub for accurate data, history, imagery, and reference materials relevant to fans of narrow gauge railroading west of the Great Divide. We are proud to host a growing community of historians, curators, authors, artists and others who have been instrumental in what we call a "curated wiki" to collect and share this information with others. You will find an ever growing collection of histories and reference materials relating not only to narrow gauge railroading, but a broad assortment of material showcasing the 19th century.

Latest Blog Post.

Product Review: Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette DVD Archive.. Thu, 15 Oct 2015
The Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette recently released their entire series of publications from 1975 to 2014 in a DVD set. This set also includes the complete run of Finelines (1964 – 1975) and Slim Gauge News (1970 – 1974). This adds up to: 239 GAZETTE issues, 57 FINELINES issues, 18 SLIM GAUGE NEWS […] Read More...

Site Updates.


New Sections.

Baynes Sound Colliery Company.

Pacific Coast Borax Company: "Baby Gage" Railroad.
By Randy Hees.

Pacific Coast Borax Company: Gerstley Mine Railroad.
By Randy Hees.

Tanana Valley Railroad.


Johnson - Pollock Lumber Company.
By Lennart Elg and Andrew Brandon.

Columbia & Puget Sound Railroad.
By Andrew Brandon.

New Maps.

Tanana Valley Railroad circa 1908. By Gabe Emmerson.

New Files.

West Side Lumber Company Caboose Roster. PDF icon 310KB
By Randy Hees.

Pacific Coast Borax Company: "Baby Gage" Equipment Notes. PDF icon 522KB
Compiled by Randy Hees.