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W elcome to, dedicated to the history of narrow gauge railroading in western North America. Our goal is to create a central hub for accurate data, history, imagery, and reference materials relevant to fans of narrow gauge railroading west of the Great Divide. We are proud to host a growing community of historians, curators, authors, artists and others who have been instrumental in what we call a "curated wiki" to collect and share this information with others. You will find an ever growing collection of histories and reference materials relating not only to narrow gauge railroading, but a broad assortment of material showcasing the 19th century.

Latest Blog Post.

Oahu’s Narrow-Gauge Navy Rail, a book review. Wed, 19 Nov 2014
I recently received a copy of a new book, Oahu’s Narrow-Gauge Navy Rail, authored by Jeff Livingston. This is one of the Arcadia Publishing “Images or Rail” books. Like other Arcadia books it is primarily a book of photographs. Unlike many other Arcadia books this is a very well researched and written work. Jeff has […] Read More...

Site Updates.


New Sections.

Eureka & Palisade Railroad by Randy Hees.

Arizona Narrow Gauge Railroad by Randy Hees.

Mohave & Milltown by Randy Hees.

Farallon Midland by Andrew Brandon.

New Files.

South Pacific Coast Track Status Timeline by John Hall is available on the South Pacific Coast page. This chart gives an overview of the service dates and changes to the main line and branches.

Herman Darr's drawing catalog available on the site. His catalog comes in two PDF versions, one for printing, the other can be filled out in Adobe Acrobat Reader before printing.

Color Cards.

In an effort to answer "what color" a railroad's equipment was we've start compiling color matches from existant equipment. These layers of paint are then matched to the Pantone Color System and we've been creating color cards that you can download for your reference. These cards include rough service dates for the layers found in addition to providing a swatch of color. We hope you enjoy the first of many color cards to come!

South Pacific Coast Coach #39 by Randy Hees and Andrew Brandon. PDF icon 1.48 MB
South Pacific Coast Caboose #47 by Randy Hees and Andrew Brandon. PDF icon 0.88 MB
Virginia & Truckee Passenger Fleet Paint 1905 - 1950 by Randy Hees and Andrew Brandon.PDF icon 1.28 MB

The Data Column.

With the change of our site styling came a new addition to railroad pages, the Reference Data column. This column will contain quick reference material in the form of dates, rail weights, corporate ownership and more. To date three pages have gained the new data column: South Pacific Coast, North Pacific Coast, Watsonville Transportation Co., Watsonville Railway & Transportation Co.
Additional railroads will be recieving the new column once the information is compiled.

Map Additions and Updates.

Color Key.
We have assembled a color standard for our maps which has been rolled out in previous updates. We have finally made up a color key to accompany maps which explains the choice in colors for lines and objects. Previously this information was only available in discussion over on the forum. The key will be available in the collapsible box above the map on the page. As kml files on the site are updated, the color key will be inserted into future offline versions. A more detailed page outlining these standards is coming soon. If you like, you can download a copy for your own reference here.

Farallon Midland by Andrew Brandon - Added.

Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge ca. 1916 by Andrew Brandon - Updated. Added yard trackage at: Dayton, Mina, Laws. Photographs added near Mound House, Mina, Keeler, Mock and Churchill.

Monterey and Salinas Valley by Andrew Brandon - Added.