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W elcome to, dedicated to the history of narrow gauge railroading in western North America. Our goal is to create a central hub for accurate data, history, imagery, and reference materials relevant to fans of narrow gauge railroading west of the Great Divide. We are proud to host a growing community of historians, curators, authors, artists and others who have been instrumental in what we call a "curated wiki" to collect and share this information with others. You will find an ever growing collection of histories and reference materials relating not only to narrow gauge railroading, but a broad assortment of material showcasing the 19th century.

Latest Blog Post.

Oahu’s Narrow-Gauge Navy Rail, a book review. Wed, 19 Nov 2014
I recently received a copy of a new book, Oahu’s Narrow-Gauge Navy Rail, authored by Jeff Livingston. This is one of the Arcadia Publishing “Images or Rail” books. Like other Arcadia books it is primarily a book of photographs. Unlike many other Arcadia books this is a very well researched and written work. Jeff has […] Read More...

Site Updates.


This update is overdue, inteded to be announced back in April. You may have discovered the links were live to a couple of these new listings, some of which have been active since that time. That said, we are pleased to announced the following roads have been added:

U.S Navy, Pearl Harbor by Jeff Livingston.

Yellow Pine Mining by Andrew Brandon.

Watsonville Railway & Transportation Co. by Andrew Brandon.

Quartette Mining Co. by Randy Hees.

American Borax Co. by Randy Hees.

Alaska Pulp & Paper Co. compiled by Gabe Emerson.

U.S. Gypsum.

Map Additions and Updates.

U.S. Gypsum by Andrew Brandon - Added.

Watsonville Railway & Navigation by Andrew Brandon - Added.

Yellow Pine Mining Co. by Andrew Brandon - Added.

El Dorado Lime & Mineral Co. by Andrew Brandon - Updated.

Colusa & Lake Railroad by Andrew Brandon - Updated.