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Narrow Gauge Railroads of Utah.

Common Carrier Railroads.

American Fork Railroad
36" Gauge. Constructed to connect with the Sultana Mill at Forest City in the American Fork canyon. The line came within 4 miles of it's goal terminating at Deer Creek and operated on 5.5% grades up the narrow canyon. By 1876 the local mining activity went into decline and the road turned to tourism unsucessfully before succumbing to debtors.
American Fork to Deer Creek, Utah County. 1872 - 1878
Salt Lake, Sevier Valley & Pioche Railroad.
36" Gauge. Organized by Salt Lake City businessmen to build west from Salt Lake City to Lake Point, Tooele, Stockton and the Tintic mining region to the south. The company planned to build as far as Pioche, Nevada. Financial setbacks slowed work on the railroad and it was reorganized as the Utah Western Railway in 1874.
Salt Lake City to Stockton (Proposed), Salt Lake and Tooele Counties. 1871 - 1874
Utah Eastern
36" Gauge.
Utah Northern Railroad
36" Gauge.
Ogden to Pocatello, Idaho. 1871 - 1878
Utah & Northern Railway
36" Gauge.
Ogden to Garrison, Montana. 1878 - 1889
Uintah Railway
36" Gauge.

Logging Railroads.

No Listings.

Industrial Railroads.

Alta Scenic Railway.
36" Gauge.
Wasatch to Alta, Salt Lake County. 1925.
Crescent Tram.
30" Gauge.
Park City (Mill Site) to Crescent Mine, Summit County. 1884 - 1900
Eureka Hill Railroad.
36" Gauge. Constructed to serve the mines and Tintic smelter around Silver City held by Jesse Knight. Trains pulled by Shay locomotives operated up grades as steep as 5% bringing ore down the mountain to the smelter. The operation was profitable most of its life until the mines began to close in 1917. By 1928 the line filed for abandonment but remained in place until 1937.
Silver City to Colorado Shaft No. 4, Juab and Utah Counties. 1907 - 1937
Little Cottonwood Transportation Company.
36" Gauge.
Wasatch to Alta, Salt Lake County. 1916 - 1925.

Transit Lines.

No Listings.


No Listings.

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