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About PacificNG

PacificNG is a coordinated effort to document narrow gauge railroads in the American west and the Pacific Rim. The site came about as a response to a number of needs that have been expressed over the past several years by a diverse group of researchers, historians, museum curators, and modelers.

  • A portion of the catalyst for this site has been an ongoing interest in the locomotives and equipment used by the Narrow Gauge Roads.
  • A part of this site is our participation in the restoration of that same Narrow Gauge Equipment.
  • We also model the things. We found that a surprising number of people at the institutional and research ends also model. Why not combine the two worlds.

Some of those desires began with:
  • We originally intended to cover the Pacific States of the U.S. The site has begun expansion to be open to the Entire Pacific Rim and we may need to rename the site. We are recruiting Contributors to fill in the entire West Coast of North America, Pacific Islands, Australia, and Japan. In time we hope to include Central and South America.
  • A one stop location for everything we could find for topics like Russia Iron, period color, and similar archain subjects. You know...topics that keep coming up on various Yahoo Groups.
  • As a group, we keep coming up with new information, new interpretations, and a growing database that we want to share.
  • It is our strong desire to debunk Myths that have somehow become Truths in the history of Pacific Rim Narrow Gauge Railroads.
  • A place to develop new products and expirament with new and forgotten modeling techniques.
  • A place where the keepers and restorers of railroad gauge equipment can freely interact with modelers, manufacturers, and historians.
  • A place with accurate information. We are going to do everything we can to correct errors about a lot of roads.
  • High quality imagery, links to key archives.

Over the next few months you will encounter many holes and "Under Construction" postings throughout this place. We're actively filling those slots and creating new ones. What you'll see on these pages for the short term serve as an outline for development. from the outset is designed for flexibility. It will be administratively broken into two distinct functions.

The bulk of the site is intended to be an Educational Institution, a place to freely share information.

  • As you explore the site note that we've but a handfull of roads listed. We had to start somewhere so we chose our own turf. The list is expanding with details on each road deepening in scope.
  • We are building a Locomotive database that within the next year will contain the deepest content ever seen on the web.
  • About the only control will be the calibure and known qualities of the Contributors who we are choosing carefully.
  • In time the educational portion of the site is intended to become an IRS 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. We want to support historical research, image preservation, and we hope, car reconstruction at other institutions. Our goal is to have deep and lasting ties to the curatorial and institutional world. will have a business component who’s intent is to support the non-profit activities.

We'll need to pay the hosting fees, and support costs for the non-profit element. In time (we hope), licensing fees for extended content and to do that, revenue generation is needed. Funding will be required for high quality image rights and other propriatary additions to the site that we want to share with you.
  • We will be available as a focused advertising site.
  • Over the next year we will be developing an on-line store.
  • It is our desire to offer manufacturers a forum for high quality market research activities so that they will able to make rational decisions and come up with the products you want.
Featured Sections:'s FORUM

The Forum is intended to be the vehicle for you to ask questions, suggest research avenues, share the stuff you've found and contribute to our common interest.

  • It's a place to question, argue, and interpret.
  • It's a place to announce local club, museum, and shows.
  • It's a place to share updates on projects, they can be 1:1 Scale or smaller.

The Locomotives section features the beginnings of a major database on the Baldwin 8-18c Class of locomotives. It will expand. Similar sections are planned for other significant Baldwin Classes.

Under construction are similar sections for Mason and Porter. In time, expect other locomotive builders.

Within the Railroads section you will find the beginnings of specific road histories and database collections. We are preparing a series of Google Earth compatible maps of these and other roads. These files relate the ROWS in a new and unique fashion that relates the roads to the world as never before. is very interested in new Contributors for these maps. If you have a high degree of knowledge on specific roads, contact us. We will be happy to provide you with instruction and site mapping standards.
Welcome to PacificNG!

This site uses cookies in a minimal capacity. We store a small session cookie that keeps track of which tab you have selected on our railroad listing pages. This cookie does not track any other info and is not designed, nor intended to be used for advertising purposes.

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