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About PacificNG.

Welcome to, dedicated to the history of narrow gauge railroading in western North America. Our goal is to create a central hub for accurate data, history, imagery, and reference materials relevant to fans of narrow gauge railroading west of the Great Divide. We are proud to host a growing community of historians, curators, authors, artists and others who have been instrumental in what we call a "curated wiki" to collect and share this information with others.

PacificNG is a coordinated effort to document narrow gauge railroads west of the Continental Divide and around the Pacific Rim. The idea came about in response for the need to create a repository for information and documents for research projects. Many of our contributors were frustrated by out of date and old information that was continually repeated online, burying accurate research. As a team we peer-review each other’s information to the highest standard.


This site uses cookies in a minimal capacity. We store a small session cookie that keeps track of which tab you have selected on our railroad listing pages. This cookie does not track any other info and is not designed, nor intended to be used for advertising purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where is the search option?

A. At this time we do not have a full site search. We are working to add this feature in the future.

Q. How do I find a specific railroad?

A. At this time the best way is to navigate the listings under “Railroads” from the left hand menu on the site. Listings are broken up by state and then by type.

Q. How do you determine what category a railroad falls under?

A. Generally speaking, railroads are categorized by their primary function. For example: logging railroads like the West Side Lumber Co., Oregon Lumber Co., etc would be listed under the “Logging” category. Some railroads belong to multiple categories, being an industrial or mining railroad AND a common carrier.

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