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Narrow Gauge Railroads of Hawaii.

Common Carrier Railroads.

Oahu Railway & Land Co.
36" Gauge. Constructed by Benjamin Dillingham initially to service the developing community around Pearl City. In 1892 the line connected to the sugar mill in Ewa and would be extended to Kahuku by 1899. During WWII the OR&L served as a vital link in U.S. Naval operations on the island. Common carrier operations ceased in 1947. Trackage around Honolulu harbor remained in operation under the name Oahu Railway until 1971.
Honolulu to Kahuku, Island of Oahu. 1889 - 1971
Kauai Railway.
30" Gauge.
Island of Kaua'i.
Koolau Railway.
36" Gauge. Projected to connect Heeia with the Oahu Ry at Kahuka. Only reached Kahana, 10 miles away. The line purchased was purchased by the Kahuka Plantation in 1931 and common carrier status abandoned in 1932. Operated as an extension of the plantation operation until 1954.
Kahuku to Kahana, Island of Oahu. 1905 - 1932

Logging Railroads.

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Industrial Railroads.

Grove Farm Plantation.
30" Gauge.
Island of Kaua'i. 1895 - 1957
U.S. Navy, Pearl Harbor.
36" Gauge. Several short rail lines were operated by the U.S Navy to move fuel and supplies among the facilities in and around Pearl Harbor. After the Oahu Railway & Land Co. was abandoned in December 1947 the Navy purchased and operated trackage between Lualualei, West Loch and Pearl Harbor.
Pearl Harbor, Oahu. 1909 - 1972
Waianae Sugar Company.
30" Gauge.
Makaha, Lualualei, and Wai'anae, Oahu. 1880 - 1947

Transit Lines.

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